Tax Rebates and Parking

Manchester Airport is the third busiest airport in the United Kingdom which of course means millions of passengers heading to the airport by car every year and to address this there are lots of Manchester Airport parking options to choose from.

Here is our guide to choosing the best Manchester Airport parking for your particular needs.

When comparing the options that are available the first consideration to make is how long you wish to park in the airport followed by how close you want to be positioned to the various terminal buildings, typically the closer you are the more expensive your airport parking will be. In addition to standard airport parking at Manchester Airport there are additional services available with your parking such as a valet service.

Picking up and dropping off at Manchester Airport

For those who are just looking to drop off passengers and luggage and then pick them up when their flight returns there is a dedicated car parking area located directly outside the entrance of the terminal where you can do this. This is a safer option than stopping by the side of the road and lets you have a 30 minute stay to get organised and stay your goodbyes which comes with a small parking charge. On the other hand if you are planning on simply dropping off then leaving immediately you can park here for free.

Multi Storey Short Stay Airport Parking

If you need short stay Manchester Airport Parking for anywhere over 30 minutes and less than one week you will find suitable parking spaces in the multi storey car park. There is a multi-storey car park for each of the three terminal buildings at Manchester Airport and each one is directly positioned in front of its terminal building so just a few minutes’ walk away making it the most convenient parking option that is available. Each of the three car parks can be booked in advance to be able to make great savings on the cost of parking or you can simply turn up on the day.

Uniform Tax Rebate in Manchester

As the most popular type of airport parking at Manchester Airport there are lots of options for you to choose from, from onsite options to the cheaper operators with parks off the airport site. These types of parking are often subsidized by other companies such such as

The official long stay Manchester Airport parking option is located on the site and consists of two car parks which are situated relatively close to the terminal buildings. There is one car park for terminal 2 and an additional car park for both terminal 1 and terminal 3 and they are all located within a mile from the entrance of the terminals. This does make it easy to reach on foot but it you would prefer there is a shuttle bus service which runs 24 hours per day. This car park can be pre-booked in order to get a discount or you can choose to just turn up, the minimum stay at this car park is 2 days.

Alongside this and adding to the choice available there is the JetParks car park where budget friendly prices alongside great service are paramount. The lowest price for Manchester Airport Parking is typically found at JetParks and even lower rates can be achieved when you pre book. There are three different JetParks car parks at Manchester Airport and depending on the car park and your terminal are all approximately one mile away with a quick 10 minute transfer. Once again the minimum stay for a pre-booked place at JetParks is two days.

JetParks Plus is another car park which is operated by JetParks but offering something a little different as this has lots of other benefits compared to the other car parks and these include the on site location, great value and the opportunity to make changes to your airport car parking booking up to 6 hours before you are expected to arrive. There is one single JetParks Plus car park and this is closest to terminal 3 and terminal 1, it is worth considering the length of the transfer (approximately 10 minutes every 15 minutes) compared to the savings you make on the cost. If you are booking you must be planning on staying for a minimum of two days with most choosing this car park if they are looking for parking for a week or so.

In addition to the long stay parking from the official Manchester airport long stay car park and the two JetParks car parks you can also have parking with other services such as that of a valet.

Meet and Greet Manchester Airport Parking

Meet and Greet Parking at Manchester Airport is a parking service which allows you to drop your car off at the airport, hand the keys to a valet and they will do all the troublesome parking. Then when you return the valet and your car will be waiting for you. This is a great option for business users who are short on time or families with young children who would find dealing with long airport transfers troublesome. Each airport terminal has a drop off point directly in front of the entrance s you simply need to walk right in. This parking can be booked in advance or alternatively, you can just turn up.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking at Manchester Airport is similar to the Meet and Greet airport parking service but comes with the additional bonus of a fast track service through security for you and all of your passengers. This is known as the VIP Valet service and there are meeting points directly in front of each terminal building and you can either pre book the service and save money, or if you are running short on time just drive up on the day and the valet will park your car.

All of the Manchester Airport car parks have the Park Mark security status so you can rest assured knowing your car is parking in a completely safe and secure car park